Pictures and Fine Art

Our Pictures and Art area will cover works of our projectizer members, made for fun. All fine art sections available...

  • Photography
  • Painting with Acryl
  • Crayoun
  • Collagen
  • Silk Painting
  • Water color

Our growing Projectizer member team showing their gallery fine arts below. Just one Click away, feel free to have a look inside...


Gallery Helma

Our actual most active Projectizer member: Helma 
Her gallery with more than 50 work items added lots of art to empty linen canvas. Wide variations of used techniques and also different styles are showing a huge interest in new art areas.



Gallery Jennifer

Our youngest Projectizer member: Jennifer
Designed as pure photo gallery and started with actual seven images, we are just waiting for any news coming in. Lets see what other interesting locations are base on the next sets.

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